root that grows in a network, horizontally, and is strengthened with true connections.


Our goal is to serve from early childhood to youth, participating in the integral training of citizens with important skills and tools for building their life projects, ensuring that at least 80% of young people who graduate after school have defined their dreams for life adult and start taking the first steps to conquer them (higher education, technical course, entrepreneurship, internship…).


Manoela Moreira

Educational Director and Co-Founder

Bruna Pereira

Executive Director

Pedro Multari

Chief Financial Officer

Paloma Soares

Teacher – Reinforcing Literacy

Cátia Oliveira

Teacher – Reinforcing Literacy

Naiany Costa

Educator – Off-shift


Classroom Assistant

Vitoria Viana

Educator – Off-shift

Emily Soares

Headquarters Administration

Victor Contagesso

Teacher – Reinforcing Literacy


Classroom Assistant